About Isabelle Edwards

Isabelle is a 25-year old writer, who believes in the healing power of community, well-told stories, and radical softness.

Described as a woman full of laughter and light, Isabelle is thoughtful, curious, and carefree. She loves creative writing, traveling, gardening, and laughing too hard at her own jokes. Always open to new friendships, blogging has served as a way for her to share her story, as well as connect with others.

After receiving her B.A. in English Literature from Brown University, and a two year stint in NYC, Isabelle moved to Atlanta, GA in further pursuit of connection, community, healing, and growth.

Feel free to reach out at Isabelle@Exploring-Self.com

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About Exploring Self

Exploring Self is a space for authentic storytelling. Here, Isabelle shares pieces of her truth by documenting what she experiences, learns, and struggles with in her day to day life. In doing so, she hopes that she can encourage others to join her on the journey to explore the self honestly + holistically.

Similarly, Isabelle also interviews those that inspire her, shares products that speak to Exploring Self's mission, and promotes a healthy, happy and authentic lifestyle. 

Welcome to Exploring Self! Prepare to dig deep.