Whole 30: Week 2

Let's just get it out of the way: I cheated. This week, I had a number of foods that aren't on the Whole 30 approved list due to time crunches, dates (I mean, am I really going to turn down a free meal/drink?), and just generally finding myself in situations where I was stuck between a rock and a granola bar. 

What surprised me is how quickly the cravings came back. As soon as I had a small serving of chips + guacamole, I wanted bread and pizza and chocolate and I wanted these things immediately. I was able to repress the cravings/semi-convince myself that carrot sticks are just as good as chips (they're not), but it was still very interesting to witness the ways in which my body is literally addicted to carbs + sugars. The cherry on top is that when I cheated with dairy, I was gaseous (like stay 100 feet away from me/my space gassy) and cranky. Not a good feeling or the best combination.

On a positive note, I weighed myself this week and after only two weeks of healthy, wholesome eating, I'm already down 4 pounds. Honestly, I could tell without weighing myself -- I'm a lot less bloated, my stomach isn't upset after nearly every meal, and I have more energy than usual. So I'm feeling pretty motivated to get back on-track and finish out my final two weeks without cheating. Plus, at the end of Whole 30, I'm going on vacation to Portugal and that's motivation enough!

Alright, let's get to it!

How do you feel?
Currently, gassy. Clearly this is a common theme. But outside of my slip-ups, my body has felt really great! I'm working like a well-oiled machine. I also went running 3 times this week! I've been going on 3-mile runs and have an average mile split of 10 minutes, 18 seconds. End of 2016 goal? Get my mile splits to 10 minutes even or below.

What did you eat?
For lunches/dinners, I baked chicken (again), made chicken sausages, and paired those meats with veggies. For breakfast, I stuck to a LaraBar + a banana or some other type of fruit. I tried making chia seed pudding again, but mine just isn't coming out right. I think I'm adding too much coconut milk and so the texture is turning me off. I'll keep trying in week 3.

Something you plan on trying?
I really want to try to make something pumpkin-flavored!

What is the most difficult part of Whole 30 so far?
Having a social life. It's so difficult to go on dates/meet friends for dinner + drinks, but have 100 different restrictions. I might need to start inviting folks to my apartment for dinner.

What is the best part of Whole 30 so far?
How good you feel! I was ranting + raving to my roommate just yesterday. It's really astounding how much food affects us/can make us feel certain ways. I want to be eating healthy 24/7 now! (With the occasional cookie).

Favorite meal/snack?
This week I'm favoring apples!

See you next week!