Lisbon, Portugal Bound!


I leave for Portugal in 4 days. 4 days. Suddenly the trip that I planned months ago is right around the corner and my mind is an absolute whirlwind. I keep thinking that I'm forgetting something and/or everything. Does my ticket include a checked bag? My passport hasn't randomly expired, right? What time does the bank close? I need to take money out. And what am I going to wear???

There are clothes to be packed, last-minute errands to run, appointments to attend, tickets to be printed, itineraries to be scrutinized, Airbnb hosts to be contacted, and last-minute, miscellaneous items to be bought. (For example: Dan reminded me that I'll need a socket adapter, which I never would have thought of!) Amongst it all, I'm also realizing that this trip is going to leave me fairly broke the first few weeks that I return. The NYC hustle will welcome me home with open arms.

And yet.

My spirit knows that this trip is going to be everything that I need it to be. I know that traveling, meeting and spending time with new people, and having adventurous, exciting experiences, makes me feel most alive. I know that feeling the sun shine down on my face and listening to the cadence of people speaking Portuguese all around me is going to fill me with immense contentment.

The trip is already so significant to me. It's my first time traveling to a country I've never been to with no one there to guide me. (I traveled to Martinique by myself, but stayed with a good friend who lives there.) I paid for everything with my own savings. I have a short itinerary (more like a loose list of things to maybe do/see) for Dan and myself, but neither of us have been to Lisbon, and I have the feeling that a lot of our adventures are going to come from kickin' it and getting lost.

I'm ready. These 4 days can't pass quickly enough!

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