What October Brings

Photography by    Devon Rae Jones

Photography by Devon Rae Jones

Already, October has been good to me. Its crisp air, cold rains, and softening earth comfort my spirit in a way that only nature, and it's reminder that everything inevitably changes, can. This past weekend I strung Christmas lights across my room, grabbed a poetry book, and burrowed deep beneath my blankets. I listened to the rain tap against my window while snacking on dried apricots and licking the stickiness from my finger tips. After too many glasses of red wine, I drunkenly journaled:

"I am wine drunk as I write this, Solange's 'A Seat at the Table' playing softly in the background, the low murmur of voices - Rebecca and her date - creating soft vibrations. I feel joyful in this moment. Spending Saturday [night] by myself, my Christmas lights finally up, room smelling of cinnamon and apple. In this moments, the love I have for myself swells. I am an ocean at the crest of its wave. I feel powerful and all-knowing, intuitive and brave. This love is astounding."

October and November will be dedicated to self love. I want to do something every week that makes me feel like the best version of my Self. I want the love that I have for myself to continue to swell. So far, I've asked a woman that I admire and respect on a friend date, packed and prepared for Portugal, bought tickets to see Zadie Smith speak, made an appointment with a tattoo artist I love (Tati Compton), registered for a pass to The National Museum of African American History and Culture (I'll be taking a solo weekend trip to D.C.), and plan to schedule a 30-minute tarot card reading with Tatianna Tarot. This list is only the beginning of what I want to see and do. I feel full with creative energy. I'm ready to spend time with myself and learn even more about who I am, what I am seeking, and who/how I want to be.

How has October been feeling for you? x