On Manifesting

I won't put down Women Who Run with the Wolves or my new journal. Holding them close to my chest, they come with me on my daily train commutes, and accompany me to the kitchen every morning as I pack my lunch, and keep me company in the bathroom while I use the toilet, and then I even take them to bed and spoon them as I fall asleep. I am in the midst of powerful transformation; I can feel it. I'm reading a book that awakens the wild of my spirit, and I am reflecting + journaling in every moment of pause.

Back in March, I had my first Intuitive Tarot Card session with Tatianna Tarot (Who is truly incredible! Can't recommend her enough!), and everything that was told to me felt like the universe affirming all I had been thinking + feeling. One thing that stuck with me was Tatianna telling me that I am a powerful manifester. What I want, I actively put out into the universe, and manifest it into fruition. "What you seek is seeking you" style.

Recently, I've been manifesting a few big changes I'd like to see + also getting more and more into saying mantras throughout the day. I've been borrowing Tracee Ellis Ross' mantra -- "May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me" -- and it helps me to transform my anxiety about the future into excitement. It's also been healing + cathartic to come up with mantras of my own + to write them down in my journal.

Do you feel any big changes coming? What are you manifesting? Any mantras you want to share? x