I'm Doing Whole 30! (Again!)

As of today, I'm starting Whole 30 for the second time! Technically, I never completed Whole 30, Round 1. I started it in February, but about 2.5 weeks in, Valentine's Day hit, I ate a Rice Krispie treat, and it was essentially over for me. Even though I tried to go back to following the rules afterwards, I had reignited the sugar addiction, and I ended up having a "cheat" snack almost every day. Even then, I still lost 10+ pounds and felt a lot better about my energy levels, digestion, skin (I was glowing), and body. So I'm doing it again - but this time, I plan to stay strong for the full 30 days. (Seriously though. ...Seriously!)

To make a long story short, I'm doing Whole 30 again because I haven't been treating my body with care. I've taken emotional eating to an entirely new level and recently, a lot of my money has gone toward meals heavy in carbs, etc., which always taste good in the moment, but leave me feeling terrible and sick. As a result, I'm constantly bloated and sluggish, I've gained a lot of weight, and I'm also a lot more broke than I should be. (As a 23-year old living in NYC, I acknowledge that being broke is a given. But I really should be saving what money I can. The 4 for $4 deal at Wendy's is only a slightly decent excuse to spend money.) Anyway, I haven't been drinking much water, my exercise routine is non-existent, and my body generally needs a re-set. So I'm hopping back on the Whole 30 train!

To start I thought I'd run down my game plan, which isn't really much of a game plan. I work 6 days/week and don't have much time for cooking, so I plan on meal-prepping on the weekend as best I can and eating those meals for the week. Monotonous and boring, yes. But will my body feel a lot better? Yes! I also recently re-joined ClassPass (thanks for sponsoring me, Mom!) and right now the goal is to get to 3 classes/week.

And that's it.

I know I can do it. I know it. It's just a matter of actually doing it. And so that's where this blog and ~ accountability ~ comes into play. I'm going to document my journey here and hope that some of you reading this will join me so that we can swap recipes, talk about how much we miss bread (and rice, and beans, and dairy, and alcohol...), and then, eventually, about how much better we feel. And even if you don't feel like joining in, you can still peruse my Whole 30 Pinterest board, think of me pityingly while you're eating a cheeseburger, or, best of all, cheer me on!

The plan is to check-in at the end of each completed week, recap the highs and lows, and let you know my thoughts/recipe plans for the upcoming week. Sound good? So I'll check in soon! In the meantime, keep me and my carb-deprived soul in your thoughts and prayers.

Would you ever do Whole 30? Have you done it before? Let me know in the comments below. xx