Dream Bedroom

On Monday, I slept over my good friend, Ayanna's, studio apartment + immediately fell in love. She moved in only a month ago, and yet her space is already stunning and speaks volumes as to who she is, what she's inspired by, and what type of creative energy makes her feel most powerful. While most of the furniture in her apartment moved with her from her old space, the new space feels like it truly encompasses her spirit. From the original artwork (most of it her own) and shelves of books and records, to the plants and soft, all white bedding, it felt like a powerful space for someone on the cusp of becoming. 

Being in Ayanna's new space inspired me to think more deeply about my own. I've lived in my apartment for over a year now, but my bedroom is still fairly undecorated, and a lot of the elements that I'd like to have in my space (white walls, colorful plants, framed pictures, a relaxing color palette) haven't been incorporated as of yet. And honestly, I don't think I'll be decorating any time soon -- decorating requires time and money, both of which I don't have a lot of (i.e., the whole working 6 days/week thing). But I can daydream, right?

I created a Pinterest Board called "Bedroom Revamp" + taking a few moments during the day to pause and daydream about my future space (it'll be a studio in Brooklyn with bright light, good energy, and plants) has felt really good.

What would your future space look like? Are you on Pinterest? (Should I be following you?) x