Setting Intentions for the New Year


6:32 AM. Jeremiah sleeps soundly next to me, his breathing even-keeled and patient. Somehow his fingers are still intertwined with my own despite the eight hours that have passed since we first linked them together. The light pushes against the curtains and playfully splashes patterns against the wall - tiny shadows that shift and transform every few moments. I move slightly and with eyes still closed, Jeremiah pulls my hand to his lips and kisses my fingers. I lay my head against his chest in response. The room fills with warm silence + quiet gratitude. I follow the light's patterns with my eyes until I'm lulled back to sleep. This is how 2017 feels.

My new year is full of new love. A new love of self. A new love of friends. A new romantic love. Already the year is overflowing with blessings. In its first week alone, I was invited to speak on a writers' panel at New Women's Space about my work and creative process; I was interviewed + filmed for Face of Fanm Djanm; and I spent most of my time surrounded by the people I love most. My creative energy is overflowing. I've picked up my camera more this past week than I did for entire months of 2016. I'm journaling non-stop. I've started taking random selfies while walking around NYC simply because I want to document every second + tiny moment of my life right now.

I tweeted the other day, "I feel like I'm the happiest I've ever been," and it feels so accurate. Even the tougher bits - the challenging self-work that needs to get done - feel more than achievable.

I've been using Brittany Josephina's guide from last year, "Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2016," to help me better pinpoint what I want to focus on in the new year. For the past week, I've been reflecting: What did I learn in 2016? / What do I want to be intentional about in the new year? / What goals need to take precedence? / How do I plan on achieving those goals?

Not so surprisingly, I keep coming back to the words "consistency" and "routine." While my goals are varied — I want to take control of my eating habits + health once and for all, blog 1x/week, and run a half marathon — I realize that they all center on the desire to find a rhythm/routine + stick to it. I feel like my best self when certain areas of my life have routine, and so that is what I'm want to focus on in the new year. For me, the best approach is to start small and add on bit by bit.

I'm also hoping to expand creatively this year. I'll be creating a YouTube channel + posting my first video at the end of January (stay tuned!) My camera is going to start coming everywhere with me. I'll be traveling more - hopefully every month of the year - which always leaves me feel renewed, inspired, and excited about all that life has to offer. I'm ready for all that 2017 has to offer.

I'd love to hear about what you're manifesting for the new year. I want to be inspired by your brilliance. What did you learn in 2016? What are your intentions for 2017?  (And if you're having trouble thinking of a resolution, this article is a fun + interesting read!)  xx