Early Morning Walks


Before the cold set in, I spent a lot of afternoons walking around my neighborhood. I attribute the habit to my Dad - he's always been big on taking walks. Whenever I'm down visiting him in Atlanta, my Dad and I rise early almost every morning and start the day with a glass of water, and then a 3 or 4-mile walk. Sometimes the dog is with us and sometimes he's not; sometimes we talk and sometimes we don't. On every visit, our morning walks are always my favorite part.

Even now in the city, there are some Saturday mornings that I call my friend, Joey, at 7 AM to wake him and tell him we're going for a walk. I always grin when I see him waiting for me on the sidewalk in sweats and a t-shirt, walking sneakers on, eyes sleepy. We walk from Queens to Manhattan and then take the train back. Sometimes we talk and sometimes we don't. I love those mornings.

Recently, I've felt a strong desire to take more early morning walks. It's a good way to carve out time for myself and my thoughts. It's colder now, but I think it'll be nice to bundle up, get outside + breathe deep. The new year holds a lot of potential and I've been feeling as though I need the space of a quiet morning to process all that's on the horizon. Tomorrow my alarm is set for 6:15 AM - the perfect time for the first early morning walk of the year. Join me?