On Loving Your Space

Recently I've been placing a lot of emphasis on creating and maintaining a space that feels good to me. Soft hues, walls decorated with polaroids, art and hand-made collages, and cloud-like bedding. I frequently burn incense and candles, and Christmas lights are strung above and around my entire bed. A fresh bouquet of flowers, my journal, and my beloved aromatherapy humidifier are staples of my nightstand. (No, but really, the aromatherapy humidifier is a game changer.) Books are in every corner and crevice, along with little knick-knacks that I've found in my two years here in the city. (I'm referencing you, Drake votive candle.)

Having a space that I feel good in is necessary for my general well-being. I want to feel relaxed when I enter my bedroom. I want to feel the weight of the day melt away. And I've finally created that space. (A bit of a tangent, but a few months ago, I splurged and updated my bedding. I bought a memory foam mattress pad, cushioned mattress topper, and two new pillows. And now my boyfriend and I call my bed "the cloud," and my roommate, Rebecca, who recently slept in my room (she accidentally Airbnb'd her own out for the weekend) said it was the best sleep she'd had in a long while.) Things like new bedding and putting up photographs and keeping candles around are seemingly small, but they make a world of a difference. My space makes me feel good about myself. It embodies who I am and where I'm at and how I'm growing. I love that it serves as a reflection of me.

A more official and fleshed-out announcement coming later, but I'll be leaving NYC this summer. Knowing that I only have a few more months here makes me appreciate my space all the more. And knowing that I can make a home anywhere - that I know how to lay the foundation of a safe, feel-good space wherever I am - makes me feel even more confident and excited about the move.

What makes your space your own? xx


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