Brunch with Dre, Vol. II

In the monthly 'Brunch with Dre' series, guest writer, Dre Eastwood, shares his thoughts on life, learned lessons, and the month ahead. The self reflection culminates in a delicious brunch recipe and playlist or song inspired by the month's energy + vibe. Enjoy.

Red velvet waffles.  Original recipe found here.

Red velvet waffles. Original recipe found here.

I’ve been in a jazz mood for the past few weeks. I got to do a bit more crate digging than I had been able to before. Richmond record shops had become a kind of desert for me. I couldn’t find any of the records that I was interested in. It was the same ol’ same ol’ joints that I already had in my collection or stuff that I didn’t want. 

But, there was this one Thursday, where instead of cooking myself, I decided to go grab some food from the biscuit spot, right? Well, on the way there, I stopped by one of the record shops just to see what they had. You see, going to the record store is therapeutic for me. Most of the time, I don’t even intend to buy anything. I simply go for the feeling of going through, listening, and hopefully discovering something that I haven’t heard before. On this particular day though, my entire month was made. I found a record that I had been searching YEARS for. Ahmad Jamal Trio’s “The Awakening.” 

Folks that know me well know that hip hop samples are my thing. My entire vinyl collection is formed around samples. Every album has samples for some of my favorite hip hop records. Now, this particular Ahmad Jamal joint…. I never thought I would find it. I had talked to veteran crate diggers about it and they told me “Man, you won’t find that joint for less than $50. That record is gonna be on the wall somewhere.” That stuck in my head. 

On this Thursday though, there it was for seven bones. I damn near lost my mind in the store. I immediately stopped digging, grabbed it, and went to the register. I literally said aloud to myself, “Fuck those biscuits,” and went straight home to listen to the record. I ended up cooking some red velvet waffles instead and played that record over and over all day. 

It’s amazing who music works like that. Finding and listening to that record changed the tone for not just my day, week, or month even. It set the tone for the foreseeable future for me. Also, shoutout to global warming. It’s 75º in February. I fuck with it. 

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