Building A Nest


As many of you know by now, my boyfriend, Jeremiah and I are moving to Atlanta in a little under two months. The U-Haul has been reserved, my apartment is being shown, and slowly but surely, everything is coming together. Now that we have a set departure date (May 22nd!), I'm allowing myself to daydream a bit. I've been especially mesmerized by the idea of our future apartment — it'll be the first time I'm making a home with a boyfriend, and the fact that we'll be able to mold it into a space that reflects us and our love feels astounding.

Honestly, my nesting plans are a bit premature — for the first few months, we'll be living with my Dad. While we'll be in our own separate space (my Dad's basement is essentially a separate apartment), I know that it likely won't feel 100% like our own. But it allows us the time and ability to save up so that when we do move to our own space, we'll be able to immediately settle in. 

Anyway, I feel a little bit bad for everyone who follows me on Pinterest because I've been pinning everything (and probably giving y'all allllll the notifications). I've got lists on lists of DIY projects, inspiration photos, and articles that I want to re-read later. I keep flipping between wanting to have lots of warm tones (like the two photos directly above) and more clean + airy, lighter colors. All I know for sure is that there will be a lot of  natural light, plants, art, yellow, and books. I've also been intrigued by bedrooms with dark-colored walls, like this one — for me, darker colors definitely provide a deeper, meditative feeling.

So what about you? Are you a planner? Do you daydream about your space(s) months beforehand? And how would you decorate your future space? (No, but really, tell me so that I can get added inspiration from your answers!)