3 Reasons to Love The Afro Hair & Skin Co.

As most of you know by now, I've been desperately craving routine. This summer, my boyfriend and I moved to Atlanta from NYC, and, as with most big changes, it was accompanied by stress, fatigue, and imbalance. In the 3 months since we moved, I've completely neglected to take care of my body, skin and hair. I'd often quickly wash my face with a random bar of soap in the shower, throw my hair back into a headwrap or headband, and power through the week(s). I didn't feel good and knew that I wasn't doing my body justice, but it seemed so difficult to find the time while also trying to juggle a new job, apartment, and city.

Thankfully, The Afro Hair and Skin Co. stepped in and sent me their Minis - Set of 3 kit to try. Equipped with the Flow - Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil, Bloom - Omega Healthy Hair Oil, and Flourish - Totally Nourishing Hair Butter, I had no excuses for continuing to neglect my skin and hair. And so I set off on my journey of restoration and rejuvenation.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Afro Hair and Skin Co., it's a holistic line of hair and skin products, developed by natural beauty and wellness expert, Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka. The company's main mission is to supply black women with health conscious, ethical, and all-natural beauty products specifically designed for our hair and skin. And it's been a complete hit. The reviews have been phenomenal (with reason!) with the company's Flow Facial Oil even being named "Best Skincare for and By People of Color" by Vogue.

After using the Minis - Set of 3 kit, my skin is GLOWING and my hair has actually managed to stay moisturized, which are both HUGE wins for me. Below, I've listed 3 reasons you'll love The Afro Hair and Skin Co., too:

1. Your Hair and Skin Will Genuinely Thank You

I struggle to keep my skin and hair moisturized. I was #blessed by the ashy & dry-scalp fairy, and so even immediately after a wash and re-twist, my hair becomes dry within a number of days. But The Afro Hair and Skin Co. completely changed all of that. After I wash my hair, I thoroughly spray the Bloom - Omega Healthy Hair Oil onto my damp locs, massage it in, and then re-twist with the Flourish - Totally Nourishing Hair Butter. Not only does my hair stay moisturized 3x longer than it used to, but it also SHINES! When my hair starts to feel a little dry, I just re-moisturize with a few sprays of Bloom and I'm good to go for another few days! Bloom & Flourish have completely replaced the majority of my other products and I don't understand how I was washing/moisturizing my hair without them up to this point!

As for my skin, the Flow - Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil has me SHINING. I don't typically wear a lot of makeup (eyebrow pencil, mascara, maybe eyeliner, maybe lipstick), and so I've been looking for a non-makeup product that still leaves me glowing and looking polished. Let me tell you - Flow is it. Just yesterday I rolled out of bed to run errands with my boyfriend, and went out in a big, oversized men's t-shirt, jean shorts, & Birkenstocks. While normally I'd feel like a troll emerging from a cave, I had washed my face & applied Flow before we left, and I genuinely felt BEAUTIFUL. We went by Little 5 Points (they were having their weekly Artists Market Weekend) and I received 5+ compliments...while wearing a baggy t-shirt I had just slept in, y'all. I PROMISE you it was the Flow oil - I can't say enough good things about it.

2. All Products are Natural, Plant-Based, Ethical, and Sustainable

All of The Afro Hair and Skin Co. products are handmade in small-batches and use all natural, plant-based ingredients. What I love most about using these products is that I can actually read, pronounce, and identify every single ingredient. There isn't any guessing about what goes into my skin and hair. The majority of their ingredients are also grown, harvested, and cold-pressed within the U.K. (where they're based), which goes to show how dedicated they are to sustainability & supporting smaller local businesses. And I honestly feel like you can really tell that their products are made with love and care - the entire product line is light, smells great, and clearly crafted with our health and beauty in mind.

3. It's a Small, Environment-Friendly, Black-Owned Business

While slowly but surely changing, for the most part, the beauty industry doesn't cater well to black women. Even when we do find beauty products that work for us, it's rare that they're also all natural and can fit into a health-conscious lifestyle. And yet Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka set out to defy the standards, make a change, and create a company that truly makes a difference. The products work on black skin and hair, no matter the texture or skin tone, and despite its popularity and growth, Ibi still dedicates her time and energy to hand-preparing each batch of product. I love seeing black women doing the damn thing and creating companies and products that actually work. Supporting a small, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly, black-owned business is never a bad thing in my book.

So tell me: Are you going to check out The Afro Hair and Skin Co.? I know that as soon as my Mini kit runs out, I'll be purchasing the full-sized bottles of E V E R Y T H I N G. If you do try them out, please tell me what you're using and how it works for you! xx