An Eclectic Gift Guide

Do y’all use Instagram collections? When it first launched, I though it’d be a bootleg version of Pinterest, but it only took me a few weeks to get hooked. Honestly, I see things that I love way more frequently on Instagram, and so I like having the ability to save posts for later.

A few months ago, I started a “buy me” Instagram collection as a way to combat spontaneous spending; if I saw something I loved on Instagram, I’d save it to the collection & know that I could always come back to it later (aka when my pockets were more full). Today I noticed that my “buy me” collection is overflowing conveniently as the holidays are near*, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite things!


I’m usually not very into statement/graphic tees, but Green Box Shop, Our Sacred Women, Philadelphia Print Works, and Wholesome Culture have me reevaluating my stance! My favorite styles/statements right now are Why Be Racist, Power to the People, Compassion is the Solution, and No Justice No Peace.


At this point I just want to give all of my money to Lucia Pearl Jewelry, Soft Gold Co, Mazdevallia Designs and Claus Jewelry (their engraved collection is killing me (!!) in the best way). These pieces are a bit more expensive (for me, at least), but well worth it, as their designs are unique and timeless. I’m starting to look at wedding bands and the Petite Eucalyptus Signet is on the shortlist. ;-)


Hello, hi, yes, you caught me — I have a running list of gifts for my pets. But you can see why, right?! Most of these things are too pricy for me and Benson/Kahlo are totally fine with their collars/tags/beds as-is, BUT, if I ever won the lottery and felt like blowing money on a mid-century modern cat bed, just know that I would. ;-) Collar is Fieldwork Co, cat bed is Cozy Cama and customized tag is Canine Habits!


There are so many interesting/funky things I’ve saved to my Instagram collections “just because” — either I think they’ll make a great gift or I know they’ll be perfect for a future situation. Here are a few: pressed flower nail stickers, a wall hanging, stacking rings, a funky phone case, a little rearview mirror charm, and pressed flower earrings.

Hope you enjoyed! I have, like, 700 other collections on Instagram (hairstyles, DIY, recipes, etc.) that I can share here if you’re interested! Maybe this is the start of some kind of series? Let me know your thoughts! xx

*Yes, I know Christmas is like 5 days away, so these gifts probably won’t come in time if you order them — sorry! — but they’ll be great for other occasions, too! Also, Jeremiah and I already had our Christmas (we’re both really bad at keeping secrets/surprises & had a gift-opening frenzy on like, the 16th, haha), so these are truly just things I think are cool and not hints to friends & family reading, I promise!