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Whole 30: Week 2

Let's just get it out of the way: I cheated. This week, I had a number of foods that aren't on the Whole 30 approved list due to time crunches, dates (I mean, am I really going to turn down a free meal/drink?), and just generally finding myself in situations where I was stuck between a rock and a granola bar. 

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I'm Doing Whole 30! (Again!)

As of today, I'm starting Whole 30 for the second time! Technically, I never completed Whole 30, Round 1. I started it in February, but about 2.5 weeks in, Valentine's Day hit, I ate a Rice Krispie treat, and it was essentially over for me. ...Even then, I still lost 10+ pounds and felt a lot better about my energy levels, digestion, skin (I was glowing), and body. So I'm doing it again - but this time, I plan to stay strong for the full 30 days.

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